Will your weekend include a thunderstorm?

Weekend update: By Hardin Local Weather Expert- George Herbig

Welcome in!  WX George here, I’ll map out your weekend below and tell you what to expect.  First, there are a few chances for some spotty rain showers before the main storm moves its way in on Monday.  Furthermore, let’s not get bogged down by that chance for a thunderstorm Monday, instead, we’re going to focus more on the gorgeous weekend that’s to come!

Saturday 01/20/2018- Expect a mild day, the Low will be 38 and the High is 48 (some places may see 50!).  A slight warm breeze will drift, sometimes gusting up to 25 m.p.h.  Only a 10% chance for some drizzle.

Sunday 01/21/2018- Shed the jacket!  A high of 59 with some clouds will keep us warm and the low of 47 won’t allow us to cool off.  Expect about the same wind as Saturday to go along with a slightly increased chance of rain at 25%

Finally, be sure to check back to the page daily for any updates involving weather, breaking news, and sports!

The storm that is moving in on Monday 🙁

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