Breaking news out of the university of Louisville. UL Basketball will have to vacate their 2013 NCAA title along with the 2012 Final Four after the NCAA denied UL’s appeal today.  This is the first time a D1 team has had to vacate a national championship during the final four era.

Quick Facts On UL Basketball Scandal:

  • UL will vacate wins, final four, and championship between 2011-15 seasons.
  • UL will pay fines equaling all revenue between 2011-2015
  • One more violation could result in termination of the basketball program.
  • Rick Pitino also must vacate all wins from 2011-15 which would remove almost 100 wins from him as well.


Quick thought: This is the harshest penalty ever in ncaa history, is this fair?  UL President doesn’t think so, “We believe the NCAA is simply wrong… The NCAA ruling cannot change the accomplishments of our team.”

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  1. sblucas

    First of all, mydeepest sympathies to the staff, players and family who were unaware of the previous said accusations, and actions.

    While I can agree with the UL President, it’s to a certain point and here’s why.

    The coaches, staff and/or players who were involved and knew their actions were wrong are at fault. Not everyone else who didn’t know or even do the things!

    However, all it takes is 1 or more “bad apples” to ruin a program and that’s caused by people’s greed, and ego.

    So the question remains. Is this the harshest penalty, to my knowledge yes but if the actions did indeed go back that far then their ruling is justified. Is it fair? Is it really going to help when that’s what this program needs? No.

    But at the end of the day, we’re all accountable for our actions. And when those actions have an affect on other’s future, we need to think twice.

    Lastly, we need to be mindful of our thoughts and actions when other people’s lives and futures are depending on it.

    Always do the right thing even when no one is looking. That’s integrity.