Snow for some tonight as storms roll through

Forecast completed by: Hardin Local Weather Expert- George Herbig




Welcome in! Below I’ll take you through the night and what to expect as you head out the door tomorrow.

First, the rain you’re seeing now will end by mid-evening and at that time we will also see winds really ramp up to between 35 and 50 m.p.h. Secondly, as the night grows old, SOME will see snow, we do not anticipate any accumulation from this as the ground is simply too warm to withhold the snow.  Moving on, this storm is a result of a cold front moving through so you will feel a big difference tomorrow as we head back down into the 30’s and 40’s.  Next, more in-depth, when you head out of the door tomorrow most of you will feel a chilly breeze, with temperatures hovering around 35-37 degrees.  It will warm up slightly by the evening to around 42-45 degrees.  A mild day tomorrow with another warm up making its way in causes a similar system to this later in the week!

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