Snow, 70’s, thunderstorms are on their way by the end of the week

Forecast created by the Hardin Local Weather Team

A wild title for a wild week ahead.  Snow, 70’s, and thunderstorms are on their way.  No, really they are and they’ll all hit us by the end of the business week.  Moving on, I will break down your week, day by day below.  As always, if you have any questions comment on the original post. Be sure to give us a like or a sad face if you’re happy or sad about the weather ahead!

Tuesday 02/13/18- This will be a really calm day for everyone… High- 55, Low-44, Cloudy, calm/warm winds.

Wednesday 02/14/18- (Happy Valentine’s day!)- This is where our warm will really begin. High- 61, Low-53. Rain showers throughout the day, slight chance for a thunderstorm or two in the evening.

Thursday 02/15/18- Isolated rain squalls will rule the day. High- 70, Low-51. Cloudy, with many small rain showers popping up. Moreover, not everyone will see rain showers, they will be isolated, hopefully, you get lucky! 🙂

Friday 02/16/18- We will see all types of precipitation on this day. Timing may change, right now though, rain storms pretty much all day, then snow in the evening. Accumulations of snow, look minor if any at all, however slick spots could develop as a result of a flash freeze. High-54, Low-27, rain/snow.

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Precipitation moving in for Friday!

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