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Hardin Local “Buy Local” Card

Click Here to see the current list of discounts you will receive when you become a Hardin Local “Buy Local” Cardmember.

Want access to discounts, coupons and special offers at all your favorite local businesses and restaurants?  Support your community and save money with the Hardin Local “Buy Local” Card!

Small businesses do so much for our local economy and our well being, and we want them to know Hardin County cares.  Our community appreciates what our blossoming area now has to offer.  Each card purchased will benefit our economy by encouraging you to keep your money in the heartland, and buy local!  Not only will it help YOU save money on better products, services and food, but 25% of the card price will be donated to the participating local nonprofit or school of your choice*.

*The list of participating charities/organizations will be emailed to you after purchase of the card.  When you receive the email please pick one of the 30 local charities and reply to that email with your choice.

Interested in participating as a business? Scroll down and learn how to apply for free!  Ask for more details about our upcoming Hardin Local Independent Business Alliance.

The Buy Local Movement – Keep Your Money In The Heartland

The Hardin Local “Buy Local” movement will expand the local economy and improve our community by supporting local:

  • Small Businesses
  • Farmers
  • Artists
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Consumers (That’s you!)

Shopping locally means more money stays within your community.  Every dollar spent generates twice as much income for the local economy.  It also reduces environmental impact.  When products don’t have to travel a long distance, we are improving air quality, reducing pollution, and minimizing use of fossil fuels.

When we buy local, we can connect and develop closer relationships with the people who provide us with our products.  We also support our neighbors instead of sending our money out of state to a non-local large corporate entity.

The Buy Local Card will not only support small businesses; but, also non-profit organizations that directly impact our community. 25% of the revenue from each Buy Local Card sold will be donated to a local nonprofit of your choice.  The list of approved participating organizations is coming soon.  (Thank you everyone who let us know who is making a difference in Hardin County.)

Become a Participating Hardin Local “Buy Local” Business

  1. Apply To Participate – Click Here
  2. Create Or Claim Free Business Listing and ask about becoming a member of the soon to launch Hardin Local Independent Business Alliance.

Become a Participating Hardin Local “Buy Local” Donation Recipient Organization

  1. Submit your application.  Application requires short answer questionnaire and non-profit tax information if applicable.

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