LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — In less than three weeks, Kentucky Republicans hold their first-ever presidential caucus.

WDRB went looking for answers to some lingering questions as to how the process will work.

Republicans usually hold their presidential primary in May, but this year, the GOP is changing everything, holding a presidential caucus on March 5.

The Kentucky GOP Central Committee made the change last August so that Rand Paul could run for both President and his Senate seat.

“And I’m thoroughly convinced that, were I not in this race, that this is just good for Republican Party,” said Paul at the time.

And in fact, Paul is now not in the race, but the caucus goes on.

“We’re looking forward to this opportunity for Kentucky Republicans to be more relevant in the presidential nomination process by virtue of doing this much earlier than Kentucky ever has before,” said Mike Biagi, Executive Director of the Kentucky Republican Party.

Source: Questions linger as Ky. GOP presidential caucus nears

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