Phil Taul Is Running For Elizabethtown City Council

It has come to my attention that The News Enterprise published an article stating that I had opted out of the Elizabethtown City Council election.  While this idea had crossed my mind a couple months ago, it is no longer true and I am still on the ballot.  Let me be clear, I, Phil Taul am still running for Elizabethtown City Council.
I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you a little background about who I am and some of my hopes and dreams for Elizabethtown.
My name is Phil Taul and I grew up in Hardin County.  My grandfather who I was named after, was civic minded and business minded, I learned so much from him.  Over 50 years ago, he started Taul Equipment, in Cecilia.  Five decades later, I have decided to run for Elizabethtown City Council.  Why? To be honest, I was raised to not complain about the status quo but to take action and create the change needed.

Professional Summary

  • Several years ago, I started a business, Taul Solutions. That business started as a tech consulting business and evolved into a digital marketing agency.
  • Two years ago, I started Hardin Local a Local, a web platform for events, blog style news, and other relevant/helpful content.
  • Last year, my company acquired the oldest web design company in Hardin County, The Web Guys.

Other Civic – Business – Family Details

Phil Taul For Elizabethtown City CouncilIn 2016, I was chosen as the young entrepreneur of the year for this region in Kentucky.
My team at Taul Solutions and I co-founded Startup Garden with the Kentucky Innovation Network which promotes entrepreneurship in our region.  In fact our region, was the number #1 region in the country for startups last year.   I am very proud of the work the Startup Garden team has accomplished over the past 3 years.  A big shoutout to Lisa Boone who is our  Startup Garden champion, without her Startup Garden wouldn’t have started.  Many thanks to the Lincoln Trail Venture Group for supporting Startup Garden.  Without their support, Startup Garden would have most likely fizzled out quickly.
Four years ago, I was blessed with my first and only son, Aiden.  As he grows up, I want him to enjoy living in Elizabethtown.  I hope and pray that when he finishes college he will want to live in Hardin County.  If it isn’t obvious, part of the reason I am running for city council is to make this area a better place for my son.

Phil’s Ideas – A Summary

This list is not exhaustive by any means it doesn’t deal with the fiscal aspects of being a council member or other social issues.  You will learn that my fiscal views are more conservative, while my social views are more liberal.  Should I win I bear a responsibility to my constituents and to vote for them, not my personal beliefs’.  In other words, my vote on the council will be your vote, not mine.

  1. Elizabethtown should be more business friendly.  We need to develop better opportunities to encourage businesses to move to E’town.  While I do think Elizabethtown has done a good job over the past few years, there is always room for improvement.
    1. One important aspect of being business friendly is that we need to continue to create a culture that attracts businesses and their employees. Personally, I have a hard time finding fun family-friendly activities for my son and I to enjoy. We look forward to the new Sky’s the Limit indoor trampoline center and the Crowne Point Movie Theater opening.
    2. Elizabethtown should spend more time and money recruiting businesses of all sizes and types.  As our town has grown in size and culture, we have the ability to sell our town to many different types of businesses, but we have to be proactive and recruit better.  I know the industrial foundation does a great job at recruiting industrial businesses.  Our city should learn from them and do more to recruit other types of businesses as well.
    3. A big part of being business friendly is developing better communication practices with businesses and citizens within our city.   Business and citizens pay taxes and fund the city.  Our city should promote and develop a sense of thankfulness to its tax payers and this should result in better customer service when interacting with a taxpayer.
  2. Elizabethtown is beautiful!
    1. Has anyone seen all the power lines downtown in Elizabethtown?  With so much going on wouldn’t it look better to have those power lines moved underground?   I would like to be part of beautifying Elizabethown by removing eye sores and promoting new ways to keep our city beautiful for future generations.
    2. We need more safe sidewalks .  I believe in making Elizabethtown more walker, runner, and bicycle friendly.
  3. Elizabethtown, it is time to think outside the box.
    1. Term limits for locally elected officials.  It’s easier to be re-elected then to be elected.  The longer anyone is in an elected position the greater potential for corruption.  I’m not saying there is corruption in Elizabethtown, but I do believe that term limits should be considered to minimize the power of the ‘good ole boys.’
    2. Let’s not play politics and work together to encourage growth in new and exciting ways that may not be traditional.


Part of being business friendly is thinking outside the box and treating everyone the same. I promise that if elected I will treat everyone the same.  So remember my name, Phil Taul and if you live in Elizabethtown please vote Phil Taul for Elizabethtown City Council.
If you have any questions or just want to chat feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or email me.

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