New Elizabethtown McDonald’s becomes first in region to use self-ordering kiosks

By Jessica Bard, WDRB News


ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) – There is a new way to order at McDonald’s, and it’s not the drive-thru or counter service.A system that started in Europe has made its way here to Kentucky. The new golden arches off of I-65 in Elizabethtown is the first McDonald’s in the region to use self-ordering Kiosks.

“They showed me how to do it this morning, but it’s pretty easy to do,” customer Claudie Long said.  “I think it’s good.”

“It’s going to be a little bit getting used to,” customer, Kelly McMahan said.

The large touch screen in the McDonald’s lobby helps break down language barriers. The kiosks in Elizabethtown speak English and Spanish.

“It think it will help with accuracy as far as orders go,” McDonald’s general manager, Tierra Campbell said.  “It will allow customers to be a lot more hands on.”

There are people stationed at each Kiosk to help customers navigate the new system.

Trouble seeing? No problem. Click the magnifying glass.

Can’t reach the buttons? That’s okay. Click the button with the wheel chair to lower the screen.

“I didn’t see anything really hard,” Long said. “Just following the screen and doing what it tells you to do.”

The new Elizabethtown McDonald’s replaces the old one on Mulberry Street, and it’s open 24 hours.

“We added about 30 more people, and we are going to look at hiring more because when you look at it, this is not just about the kiosk,” McDonald’s director of training and development, Iris Donahue said. “We also deliver the orders to the table, if they’re eating in. So it’s table service.”

Customers can sit down after they order, and the food will be delivered to the table. There’s still counter service for customers who choose not to use the kiosk, or they can order on the mobile app.

“You can order off your cell phone anytime and come by and pick it up,” Donahue said.

Making this this new Elizabethtown McDonald’s the fast food of the future.

“You’ll be seeing this nationwide,” McDonald’s owner, Tom Burrell said. “Hopefully by 2020, all the other restaurants will be the experience of the future.”

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