Multiple arrest made from separate incidents with shots fired

From the Elizabethtown Police Department*

“Officers responded to the 300 block of Eagle Way around 9:40 last night in reference to a report of multiple shots fired. Responding officers found Randall J, age 31, in the area walking back to his residence on Eagle Way. Randall admitted to officers that he had been drinking and then gotten into an argument. Randall stated that he took a .22 caliber pistol and fired one shot from second story deck into the air towards Ring Road. Randall stated that he then went back into his house and retrieved an AR-15 style rifle, which he then used to fire multiple shots into the air towards Ring Road while standing on the same deck. It should be noted that this is a heavily populated area. Randall was arrested and charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st degree.”*

“Officers responded to the 800 block of Pine Valley Drive shortly before 10:00 last night in reference to a report of a gunshot. Shortly before police arrived, John Jett, age 47, a resident of the area, called the police department and claimed that someone had fired a shot at him from a car in the parking lot. Responding officers made contact with Jett, who was heavily intoxicated. Multiple witnesses identified Jett as the shooter. During the incident, witnesses overheard Jett screaming and threatening some people in a parked car in the parking lot. Witnesses observed Jett walk up to the vehicle, and knock on the driver side window. The car began backing out, and then Jett was observed brandishing a handgun and then firing a single shot into the air. After obtaining a search warrant, officers found a loaded .380 handgun in Jett’s vehicle. Jett was arrested and charged with Wanton Endangerment 1st degree.”

Officer John Thomas

Public Information Officer

Elizabethtown Police Department

300 South Mulberry St

270-765-4125 Ext. 110


*Minor edits were made to protect privacy of an individual by the HL staff – PT

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