There have been so many new businesses open downtown over the past few months that is has been hard to find the time to keep Hardin Local up to date with all the latest news. But, here’s the latest!

Mind & Body Wellness Studio – Massage Therapy – Elizabethtown Kentucky

Mind & Body Wellness Studio opened Downtown Elizabethtown 7-10 days ago.  Mind & Body Wellness Studio provides massage services.  Mind & Body Wellness Studio Owner, Jennifer Murphy, recently stopped by the Hardin Local office so we could learn more about her business & story.

What did you do before opening Mind & Body Wellness Studio in downtown Elizabethtown?

“So, Before I opened my own shop I worked in a couple of different massage therapy environments (spa, chiropractor office, gym) but felt like in each of those places that I was pigeon holed into doing particular styles of massage. I wanted the freedom of being able to provide different styles of massage (Thai Massage & Hot Stone) and the possibility to offer new modalities such as shiatsu which I’ll be starting in January of 2017.”

Why did you decide to become a Massage Therapist?

“It is amazing that I can give someone the opportunity for relief from pain, stress, and/or anxiety by providing an awesome massage and a listening ear. So simple and so effective.”

We think its great that Jennifer is excited about her business and has such a passion for her work.

I recently visited Mind & Body Wellness Studio for a massage.  The experience was great and the quality of the massage was top notch.  Hardin Local recommends Mind & Body Wellness Studio and encourages anyone interested to try Mind & Body Wellness Studio and support this new Downtown Elizabethtown business.

Check out a few fun facts and business location information below the line.

Mind and Body Wellness Studio Massage Elizabethtown Ky Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer Murphy

Fun Facts About Jennifer Murphy

  • Speaks English & Russian
  • Born and Raised in Oklahoma
  • Is Left Handed & Has a Killer Personality

Mind And Body Wellness Studio – Massage Elizabethtown Kentucky

2 Public Square
Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701
Phone: 2707349435


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