Hey you! Yeah you, 25 to 30-something millennial (or any age for that matter) with the unrealized inspirations, dormant talents, ADHD diagnosis and to-be-achieved life goals. You with the jack of all trades hat, the wishy-washy surface level interests that change from week to week. You that LOVES everything, but not enough to stick with it, ‘cuz that would mean you couldn’t love all the other things you love with the same amount of attention and vigor; or have time for all the new things you’re totally planning on discovering in the near future (that you already know you will LOoooVE)…

Guess what?

We are the late bloomers! And it’s totally okay. Be patient. Our time IS COMING. We’re like wine… or George Clooney. People didn’t really go gaga over him as a sex icon until he had time to age a bit… develop the goods. Then he blasted them with his patient perfection when his climactic time was right. Some things that take longer to cook, taste better anyways.  

Your time is coming.

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And whatever you do, don’t let anyone else define that path for you or tell you what that should look like based on how theirs looks or how they were programmed.  Soul journey checkpoints are NOT in an identical chronological order on a linear timeline and NOT meant to compare notes and try to cheat…there is no master key map of what a successful life should look like, so stop subscribing to that garbage. It will only cause confusion and distress, and comparison is the thief of joy.

Maybe it’ll finally happen for us when we’re 35. Maybe 40. Who knows!  Maybe we’ll be in our prime at 55 and suddenly find ourselves a top business mogul who owns a sailboat and is on the board of an international nonprofit. Or it could be tomorrow….time will tell how patient we might have to be. But when your puzzle comes along, (and it will) you’ll be the missing piece… ready to fit right into it perfectly.

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You will know and have experienced just enough about everything to draw the parallels that no other focused perspective could draw.  Your jack of all trades status will transform into master of something the world has never before seen, that only you can bring to the table. You’ll pour your ageless spirit into it, and breath life into that project or person or moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life, and you’ll finally feel like it’s meant for you. ?

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