Man impaled by metal stake trying to corral neighbor’s loose horses

Yesterday, WDRB reported on an arrest made of Martina Daupino of Hardin County, for two counts of second-degree cruelty to animals and one count of allowing cattle to run at large.  Her horses had escaped their pin for the 30th time in a year and according to the reporting deputy,  their was not enough food and water for the horses and the land was overgrown.

Today, reports of the situation have gotten even worse as one of Daupino’s neighbors was critically injured while helping the deputy get the horses back in their fence.

Last week, 60 year old Roger Bailey noticed the horses running loose and after calling the police, decided to help the deputy corral the horses since Daupino did not answer the phone.   From the WDRB News Report,

As Bailey approached the pen’s gate, he slipped, and his throat was impaled by a metal rod in the ground.

“I said ‘Hey! I am hurt!’ And [the deputy] came over there and said, ‘Let me see.’ When he saw it, I knew in his reaction,” Bailey said.

Patrolman Jeffrey Brangers saw Bailey holding his throat and asked what was wrong. That’s when he showed Brangers his neck.

“You could see the victim’s voice box. You could see the inside of his throat. It was that bad. I mean, it was terrible,” said Brangers, who immediately radioed for help.

After the deputy received word that the ambulance was 10 minutes away, he knew Bailey couldnt wait and took him to the Emergency Room in his patrol car. Read more about this story on WDRB and watch the news interview with Mr. Bailey.  He says he is lucky to be alive after the metal rod was just millimeters from severing his carotid artery.

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