We think selfies are kind of like cheese, they make everything better. So if you aren’t looking forward to voting tomorrow, look forward to taking a selfie while voting and you could be one of the 8 lucky winners. It’s possible you could even become locally famous by winning the Hardin Local “I Voted” Selfie contest. Please Share – Read More On Hardin Local Now.

Hardin Local “I Voted” Selfie Contest

If you would like participate & help us raise voting awareness, THANK YOU.  As a way of thanking you we have created the “I Voted” Selfie contest. We wish that we could give everyone who helps, Get Out The Vote a prize but money doesn’t grow on trees near our office, we asked some local retailers to donate gift cards.  Thank You for donating a gift card!

Win A Gift Card (You can only win one time) – Participating Businesses – Updated 4pm with DJ Antiques:

  • $100 Walker Layne Boutique Gift Card – Grand Prize – 1st Place Winner
  • $75 Valued – Yeti Prize Box From Taul Equipment – 2nd Place Winner
  • $25 Gift Card Choice (3rd – 7th Place will pick one of the five gift cards – Only 1 gift card available per store listed below)
    • $25 Wicked Eyed Woman Gift Card
    • $25 Tacky Palette Gift Card
    • $25 Sugar Fashion Cakes Gift Card
    • $25 Bourbon Barrel Tavern Gift Card – Must Be 21 To Win
    • $25 Herb & Olive Market Gift Card
    • $25 DJ Antiques Gift Card

How To Enter The I Voted Selfie Contest

  1. Take a Selfie during (ballot selfie) or after you have voted. If you take a “ballot selfie” make sure to only include yourself in the photo and be sure it’s clear you are voting.  If the selfie is after you have voted be sure the “I Voted” sticker is visible.
  2. Comment on the related Hardin Local Facebook post with a selfie.  If you visit this blog post or our Facebook event after you have voted we will direct you to the appropriate place to add your selfie.
  3. Like the contest post, share it, and don’t forget to comment on it with your selfie.

We encourage you to get out and vote tomorrow, every vote counts.  Please share this contest with your friends and family.

Is Taking A Selfie While Voting Legal?

We have heard that, “Ballot Selfies” aren’t legal in certain states so we did a little digging and found the following information which clearly states that “Ballot Selfies” are

“KENTUCKY: Secretary of state spokesman Bradford Queen says state law does not allow people to record the likeness of a voter, but the law does not say whether voters can record their own likeness. Therefore, the secretary of state’s office routinely tells county clerks the law does not prohibit ballot selfies.” – Per AP Article Ballot Selfies

We also found the following links that verify it is legal to take a selfie of yourself voting:

‘Ballot selfies’ allowed in Kentucky polling places, attorney general says – LHL

AP Story – Ballot selfies: A look at where they are allowed or not

Who will win this contest?

The selfie with the most: comments, likes, and/or shares will win the Hardin Local “I Voted” Selfie Contest.  2nd-7th place will be awarded in the same manner.  So be sure to tell your friends and family to like, share, and comment on your selfie.

Where do I vote?


Who do I vote For?

The decision is yours to make the above polling locator tool also has a candidate list for each local area.  If you are looking for a voters guide for Hardin County, so are we! We had plans to create a Hardin County Voters guide but time won and we did not have time to complete.  If you have seen a non-baised voters guide for Hardin County please let us know!

Note To Those Running For Office – If you would like to participate in a Hardin Local livestream please contact us ASAP so we can schedule one for later today or tomorrow on Election Day.  Call us at (270) 971-4716 or Facebook message us please.

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