Heartland Parade Censorship?

This past Saturday, many gathered for the Heartland Parade, in Elizabethtown.  During the parade there were several individuals that were asked to change shirts or cover up certain words like , “vote” with tape.  Julie Cantwell was wearing a shirt that said, “Yes we cannabis.”  Parade officials asked her to remove the shirt or not participate in the parade.  You can read more about the parade censorship by clicking here, you will be redirected to The News Enterprise.  We will also are embedding a Facebook post from Julie Cantwell below that went viral on this topic.   What do you think?  Were those in charge of the Heartland Parade right to censor candidates and other hot button issues from the parade?

Krista Levee Last Day – Heritage Council Etown

Yesterday was the last day for Krista Levee, The Elizabethtown Heritage Council director.  She has taken a job with the Lincoln Trail Area Development District.  Krista will be missed downtown!  Thanks for your hard work the past two years.


Pet Abuse For Opiods

Over the past week, there has been quite a bit of news coverage discussing a growing trend with pet owners.  Apparently some are taking advantage of their pets and harming them in order to receive pharmaceutical drugs for themselves.  The Courier Journal reported this alarming trend in their article, “Shocking trend: Pet owners abusing their own animals to get drugs.” Click on the link to learn more about this story, you will be redirected to the Courier Journal’s website.


Sinkhole Repairs – US 62 & New Glendale Rd

Wave3 reports that a Sinkhole in the area will be causing traffic delays.   The sinkhole repairs will take place near US 62 and New Glendale Road, expect traffic delays in this area.  Check out the Wave3 article by clicking here, you will be redirected to the Wave3 website.

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