We are excited that you took the time to check out Hardin Local. While we have officially launched the website, there are still some bugs we are fixing. I am sure there will be other issues that have yet to be discovered. Please let us know if you have any issues so we can repair them. We hope that you will be patient over the next few weeks as we work through the issues and finalize hardinlocal.com.

Search for your business listing on the home page and click on the claim button. If there is not a listing for your business submit a new business listing. At this point, all claimed listings and newly submitted listings must be reviewed by our team before they are approved.

We will be testing and implementing several different portions of the website next week and thought we would share:

  1. The Ad serving system – Hardin Local is utilizing a powerful ad system that will allow us to provide advertisers with many “cool” features.  Over the next week we will be testing different types of ads and the features of the system. If you notice anything annoying about advertisements please let us know.  We hope the ads are not obtrusive and we are willing to make changes if our audience has a problem.  You will also begin to see ads for different companies next week, at this point we are only showing ads from Taul Solutions.   Why? Taul Solutions owns Hardin Local.
    • We are working with the Hardin County Happening’s team to develop a few paid advertising packages that will allow businesses to purchase ad space and other promoted content on both websites.
  2. The calendar integration with Hardincountyhappenings.com has not been completed yet.  If you click on the calendar link it will take you to HCH’s website.  In the future, our website calendar system will simply sync with the HCH calendar.
  3. Our blog system is ready, but there is not much content yet. We are still working with our content partners to ensure that the content written is relevant and useful to your daily life.  In the meantime we are implementing some of our favorite local news feeds which you can access on the news pages side bar.  If you would like to suggest a social feed be added, please let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.
  4. If you sing or play in a band, send submit a video performance. If you know a local artist, let them know we have launched. More info about Fame coming soon.

There is more to discuss but its New Year’s Eve.  Happy New Year’s everyone we look forward to learning more about you in 2016!  This is only the beginning we hope you will stay tuned and check in as often as possible!

If you would like to make suggestions, inform us of a website error, or ask us questions, please email us, call us, or stop by our office.

Contact Info

  • Phone: 270-971-4716
  • Email: contactus@hardinlocal.com
  • Address: 114 W Dixie Ave, Ste C, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701


Happy New Year,

Phil Taul

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