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Greg & Hollie's Impossible Question for Tuesday: 25% of people in a survey said they have quit a job because of this, what is it? ... See MoreSee Less

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The commute

....it actually required real work effort.

Having to babysit the younger generation

Their boss

A bad boss

More money and better benifits

Not enough time for family.


Insufferable coworkers

Toxic leadership


Their manager




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WQXE Quicksie 98.3

Houdini the I65 Goat is receiving care for an injury, and will be put up for adoption when he is well.
He is at Hardin County Animal Shelter - Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Stay tuned to Quicksie for updates and follow Facebook.
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Houdini the I65 Goat is receiving care for an injury, and will be put up for adoption when he is well. 
He is at Hardin County Animal Shelter - Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Stay tuned to Quicksie for updates and follow Facebook.Image attachmentImage attachment


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I’m just curious why Houdini is up for adoption and not taken back where he was found? Since this is what HCAS does when someone finds kittens, brings them there to be safe and hopefully be adopted. But kittens aren’t given that chance. Instead they are taken back to the same location found and dropped on the side of the road. Makes no sense. Especially when absolutely no cats or kittens were in the shelter to be adopted.

Houdini has lived on 65 for years, you can't take him from his home ,

I think although it will be the end of a great goat era with people trying to spot this renowned goat, it will be in the best interest of all for Houdini to be adopted. He will have shelter, food, water and protection from the elements and traffic and the drivers will be safe from wrecking by hitting him or trying to avoid him. Win/Win I’d say!!

Y’all taking him from his home you should be ashamed of yourself

I would love to adopt him. I have a 300 acre farm for him to roam and he would not penned up.

I think since the Petro right up the road has such great parking that a corral fixed especially for him would be a great place, it’d still allow travelers to visit him as well as him see and hear traffic- which apparently he loves as he’s lived near interstate so long....

I saved him once he got wrapped in the road crew tarp I called Scotty’s got them to check on him got him out miss him been watching him for over 3 years now.

Oh my Kara Waters-Vair here’s your opportunity to adopt a famous goat!! 🐐

People started stopping to feed him on I65. Not only are they putting themselves and Houdini in danger, but they are also putting many drivers as risk . I’m sure he’ll be a spoiled celebrity wherever he retires! 💙

He’s a goat people!! 😆 I had several growing up. All he needs is food, water, shelter and friendship. He will be fine. Actually he will be much better off being adopted than put back out on the interstate.

I sold a goat years ago, in transport it got loose on old Sonora Rd. Could very well be him.

I am glad he’s safe... and hope someone will adopt him and be good to him...

The reason he got hit is because if the construction. His normal pattern is disturbed. Take him home to I-65 and quit tearing up the roads . He was happy there I think he liked the attention.

I heard 2 women was chasing him and he ran into the path of a car. Look under Brooklyn Armstrong post.

Candace Johnson we’ve gotta convince frank to let me adopt him! I’d prefer him to return back to where he was but I don’t want him hurt again!

Would love to adopt Houdini - have a large farm for him to live on for the rest of his years. Lots of pasture for him to roam. He would be treated like a King.

I just saw him Friday he was in the construction zone looked fine then he must have got injured over the weekend.

Hope he is ok and someone wonderful adopts him! Better keep him close-he is likely to escape and live up to his name!

Reva Edwards Shockency.... he needs a good home... if you don’t know much about him go look at his fb page....

Free Houdini please he need to go back to his home he’s live in for years no problem please have a heart

Glad he’s getting the care he needs, but will sure miss seeing him on my daily commutes.

Theres more than just him up there! Theres a white one and a black and white one. We seen all three of them one day going up the side of the steep hill lol!!! He was one of them.

Cindi Nolen Ray....I think you should get him

Lisa French please let’s go get him. we helped save him. that means we should get him. he could be the firehouse goat! him and chunk would love each other. 😭😭😭

Logan Dennison we could adopt him and put him in with the weaned calves here so he can watch traffic from inside the fence lol

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Greg & Hollie's Impossible Question for Monday: A survey says almost 15% of married couples met here, where? ... See MoreSee Less


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High school!

I met my first husband in high school 😏

Met my husband of 15 years in high school

Grocery store cucumber section



School was the answer


High school


Gas Station


High school



Blind date

Streaking with Jeremy Adams

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WQXE Quicksie 98.3

A Beautiful Day to be at the farm ... See MoreSee Less

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WQXE Quicksie 98.3

434 and 31W is shut down due to a police chase that resulted in a multi vehicle wreck. Follow Quicksie’s Facebook for updates. ... See MoreSee Less


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Who was doing the chasing? KSP, Radcliff, E-town?

It was still shut down at 5 am this morning

Does anyone know what started the pursuit? I seen the 15 cops going down 313 before the wreck all chasing the one SUV but honestly it really didnt seem like a typical highspeed chase. Makes me weary cuz my kids were in the car with me

Tina Miller. Crazy

I seen it .. Smh .. Crazies out tonight .. Every where


Kasey Keller this is battle training road

Sugar Dulin

Kirsten Martin!

Brittney Ray

Candice Eldridge

Rachel Hoskins

Theresa Mikiten

Matthew Pawson


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