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Have to post one more video of Lola cause she’s our fav. She loves nothing more than playing with her ball and getting some love after being such a good girl! 10 out of 10 would pet. ❤️❤️❤️ #k9lola #bestestgirl #citizenspoliceacademy #lovethepuppers #etownpdky #happydoggo #shesourfav ... See MoreSee Less


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Awwwe. I would love to play with her. I know how special she is to the force. I only the force would behave like her. Lol lol

Cody Clinton is Lola a Belgian? She is beautiful!!

I enjoyed meeting her at tonight’s meeting.

Spunkie little gal..............sweet

Love that wagging tail ! That’s a happy dog

She’s beautiful!

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Officer Chris Smith and K9 Lola had a great time with our Citizens Police Academy Tonight! She showed us what her nose can do! You’ll have the chance to see her at our next Citizens Police Academy in the fall! #epd #etownpdky #k9 #lola #shesagoodgirl #smellinyodrugs #gooddoggo #canthidefromlola #thatsnotcookiesshesmells #puppers #citizenspoliceacademy ... See MoreSee Less


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Beautiful dog and a smart one at that!🐕❤️

Awwww how sweet. Beautiful doggi

Love that tail wag. Such a smart and sweet dog!

Awesomeness 👍👍💥💥

What a good girl!!

Love it.

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Officer Denham wore his crazy socks today to support our awesome #extra citizens for #worlddownsyndromeday! Every now and then he gets something right...but don’t tell him we said so! #worlddownsyndromeday2019 #communityorientedpolicing #epd #crazysocks #officerdenham #extraisawesome ... See MoreSee Less

Officer Denham wore his crazy socks today to support our awesome #extra citizens for #worlddownsyndromeday! Every now and then he gets something right...but don’t tell him we said so! #worlddownsyndromeday2019 #communityorientedpolicing #epd #crazysocks #officerdenham #extraisawesome


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Awesome socks Sir 😎

Love those socks Chris! Thanks for being a part of World Downs Syndrome Day! I’ve seen that compassion that you have for all children of the world.🤗

Great socks sir. Glad to see you all having a good time anf getting along so well.

Love your socks Officer Demham!!!!!!

Love my son, by another mother, to the moon and back! Rock those socks!

Rocking those socks............

Hey Officer Denham!! Love the socks but also love seeing the bottom of your shoes!!! Shows you don't sit on your launches all day! Hugs to ya!!! Remembering when ya used to mow my yard😄😄!!


Good dude.. he was spotted at the hotel fire holding and walking around with a small child to calm him ...not sure if the child was a resident at the hotel but this officer took the the child and calmed him.. EPD rocks...

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Not to rub it in but...#epd #cityofetown #chickfila #betterthandoughnuts #wellnotquitebutclose #youjellybro #nomnomnom #thewaitisalmostover ... See MoreSee Less


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Oh man! Your so meeeeAaaannnn!!😭😭

I wish they’d close Chik Fil A down for good

OK! Don’t get too upset Elizabethtown… We’re all going to be eating lots of Chick-fil-A within the next week. Progress is moving very quickly and we are anticipating opening very soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

Sooo .. wrong. The kids and I drove to Etown to get some Chick-fil-a yesterday. I can tell you it didn't end well. They absolutely love it there.

Courtni Danielle Price every time I read about the lords chicken I think of your tweet

Our officers have a better sense of humor than I had realized.

Eating The Lord's Chicken whilst we sinners suffer in poultry purgatory.

Wassup EPD??? SERVE your community and bring some of God's Chicken back to our Fair City to tide us over til our Chicken Tabernacle reopens!!

So if I wanted to "convince" you to bring some home, what is the bribery rate these days??

I graduated with you Mr. Thomas. With Heartland 🤗

Elizabethtown Police Department Are you in training to improve your hashtag game? It is pretty good but, not up to Louisville Metro Police Department level yet. Lol

You two crack me up!!!

Not cool. Not cool at all 😑

That’s just wrong...

Yeah not cool.

The police are supposed to be friendly neighborhood police not teasers of the Chick-fil-A. Shame... shame... 😑 and how you going to call us haters when you teasing us. 🤣 The right think to do is to pull people over for no reason at all and surprise them with free chick-fil-a instead of a ticket. 😁😎🤪

I had it yesterday... Beat ya!! 😝😜😜💖

This is hilarious 😂

Ah so jealous!! I’m dying here without my chick-fil-a!!!

They need to open soon. Crime is through the roof here in town because the people cant get the Lords chicken!

Holly hahah

So ready for them to open back up 😂

so jealous

While your eating Chick Fila, the Hamburgerler escaped. Mayor McCheese and Ronald will hold a press conference soon.

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4 days ago

Elizabethtown Police Department

That moment when you meet your hero…and you’re his hero…

#truelove #doughnutforadoughnut #firefightersneedheros #copsneedheroes #publicservants #weplaywelltogether #inittowinit
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That moment when you meet your hero…and you’re his hero…

#truelove #doughnutforadoughnut #firefightersneedheros #copsneedheroes #publicservants #weplaywelltogether #inittowinit