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ELIZABETHTOWN. Ky. —Hardin County and areas south were hit the hardest by snow over the weekend.

Snow-covered roads caused major issues for drivers, including a pileup on I-65 Sunday.

Ronnie Goodman, the supervisor of Hardin County’s roads department, said crews have been working since noon Sunday. Now the concern is refreezing and black ice.

“This is heavy snow. Once it gets wet, you can’t push it. You gotta shovel it and then toss it,” Donald Edelen said.

A Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman that is hopeful road surfaces warmed up enough to keep the ice at bay. He said roads are mostly clear in the hard-hit counties south of Elizabethtown.

Sidewalks and driveways were another thing.

“Northern part wasn’t as bad as the southern part, down around Upton, down around that area. I think they had up to around six inches of snow,” Goodman said.

Edelen had 6 inches of snow at his home in Upton. His granddaughter said it’s perfect for building a snowman.

“First we got a few balls of snow. We rolled them, and it made big balls of snow,” Shyanne O’Kelly said.

It’s likely that area will see more rain Monday night than snow, but Goodman isn’t taking chances.

“What I see, we’re on the edge of it. Just in case, we’ll be prepared for that,” Goodman said.

The transportation cabinet said state road crews are ready as well.

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