Google Maps Gives Ms. Pac-Man Her Due For April Fool’s 2017

By: Dan Seitz, Senior Contributor, Uproxx

Ms. Pac-Man

Back in 2015, one of Google’s best pranks was turning Google Maps into a game of Pac-Man, a productivity-destroying joke that set the bar for the company’s pranks. And, two years, later, they’ve decided to revive the prank, but this time, Ms. Pac-Man will be getting her due.

To find the game, just boot up Google Maps on your smartphone, and you should see a pink Ms. Pac-Man button on the right. Tap that and you’ll be transported to a random map 0n which you can swipe around, munch dots, and dodge ghosts. It’ll leave you wondering why this isn’t a permanent feature. Who needs to navigate when you can introduce Blinky to your digestive tract?

It also appears this feature will be turning up on Google Maps as it becomes April 1st around the world. The game will let you pick your own map to munch on, letting you send Ms. Pac-Man to deal with that pesky neighbor once and for all, or at least chase spirits around his house. Really, the only way this could be better is if you could configure it to blast Pac-Man Fever to the phones around you as you play. Because really, what’s April Fool’s Day if you can’t drag your friends into the gag?

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