It’s Finally Here! Fuller House is on Netflix!

How many of my fellow 80’s and 90’s kids are pumped for Fuller House?

By: Rebecca Carter

Ahh, the memories.  The sweet, sweet memories of when life was easy.  Picture it, (storytelling in the likes of Sophia Petrillo) its 1992 on a Friday afternoon in Mrs. Shultz’s Kindergarten class.  Everything is a go.  In a few short hours, Hannah and I will be in the basement passing the time with fashion shows wearing my Grandmother’s clothes from the 60’s and 70’s, a round or two of “Break the Ice” or “Perfection” and then Nintendo until TGIF is on.  The popcorn is heavily buttered and mom will be bringing chocolate chip cookies down soon.  Life is great.

Over the next 5 or so years, TGIF would be the highlight to most any kids’ weekend.  ABC produced so many great shows during that time.  Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs, Step by Step, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and of course, Full House.  Full House brought us wonderful stories of love, laughs and tears.  And who can forget those great taglines (and how hot Uncle Jesse was/is)!  So if you did, How Rude!

So, for the love of reminiscing, grab some cookie dough on your lunch break and bring home a pizza and stay in tonight to binge Fuller House.

I couldn’t find a picture from Kindergarten, but here’s a little treat from about 4th grade.  Notice the “Little Mermaid” poster and pink walls.  I was so cool. Fuller House

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