Forecast for (01/19/2018) and is winter done?

By: Hardin Local Weather Expert – George Herbig

Well, the kiddos are out of school tomorrow.  However, the reason for their absence will be no more!

Temperatures will be chilly to start the morning as we wake up to the mid 20’s.  As we go throughout the day we will see a warm up into the low 40’s.  Most importantly, we will see plenty of sunshine! We will be mostly sunny which means that even if we don’t see as high of temperatures, we will see most of the frozen white stuff melt.  Going along with that, the winds will help to dry out the surface as well. We will see a much-needed warm-up for the next couple of weeks, however; don’t blink too fast as a return of winter with a vengeance reminds us just how cold it can get…

Forecast 01/19/2018-

high 40 deg./ low 31 deg., mostly sunny, 10-15 mph. winds gusting to 20 mph. at times.






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