Watch Flywheel Brewing Livestream Video Recording from 2/27/2017 with Rebecca Carter & the Hardin Local Team

Elizabethtown’s first microbrewery will be opening this year in Downtown Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  This video is at Flywheel Brewery with the Flywheel team and Rebecca Carter of Hardin Local. We hope you enjoy learning more about Flywheel Brewery from our video interview.   If you have any questions or comments login to Hardin Local and submit a comment or video at the bottom of the page.

Flywheel Brewing Contact Info

218 S Mulberry Street, Elizabethtown, Kentucky 42701

Flywheel Brewing Website Link

The momentum of a spinning wheel powered the progress of man. From printing presses to the mechanics of manufacturing, the Flywheel fostered our intellect and enabled our industry. We honor that simple machine and that simpler time, by bringing brewing back to the heartland. The momentum of change favors local craft beers and we are redeveloping beers and a responsible beer culture that has long been absent from Elizabethtown. Let The Wheel Turn!


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