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Fame 2018 Announcement

Are you a singer-songwriter?   Would you like to participate in the next season of Fame By Hardin Local?   In order to be eligible do the following:

  1. Register For Fame As An Artist
  2. Join The Heartland Songwriters Association Of Kentucky –  If the registration deadline is close, no worries you will be required to join HSAK before voting opens so there is plenty of time.  We will have a HSAK board member present during the auditions so that you can join the same day.
  3. Perform during our live streamed auditions on December 16th 2017 at our office building downtown.  The auditions will be livestreamed on Hardin Local from 1pm-4pm EST.
  4. The top 3 artists in each category will play a live show in February 2018.  The details will be announced soon, in order to win you will have to be available to perform during the live show.

What Is Fame?

Fame By Hardin Local is a web-based talent show judged by Hardin Local followers.  Our goal is help artists and songwriters share their talent with the central Kentucky region.  Hardin Local hopes that Fame will enhance the local music scene in Hardin County, Kentucky.

How Does Fame Work?

Hardin Local will host a livestream audition on December 16th 2017 from 1pm-4pm.  The auditions will be held at our office at 112 West Dixie Avenue, Suite 200 in Elizabethtown.  Pending the number of artists that aren’t able to attend on December 16th we may offer a makeup session later in the month.  This year we will have two different categories.

  1. Under 35 Artists
  2. Over 35 Artists

The top 3 artists from each category will then be asked to participate in a live show that will be livestreamed at a local venue in February.  We will ask the community to vote for a winner in each category alongside several judges.   The winners of each category will then perform in a sing off and the judges will pick one overall winner.

Who can participate in Fame?

You must be a local artist that lives in central Kentucky and a member of the Heartland Singer/Songwriters group.  You must have locally written original content.  If the song was written by a friend, band member, or someone who will give written permission to perform and publish the song online it will be allowed. You must be 18 or older or have a permission from your parent or guardian if under 18.  The goal of this competition is to highlight local singers and songwriters.

Is there a prize?

The winner of Fame will be booked to perform 2 paid gigs at several local venues.  The winner will be responsible to schedule and work out the details of the paid gigs with each local venue.   Hardin Local is only assisting by asking the venues to commit to allow the winner to play 2 paid gigs at their venue in 2018.

Where will the winner perform:

  1. Bourbon Barrel Tavern
  2. Heartland Sports Pub
  3. More will be added to this list over the next week or two.

How do I sign up?

Complete the entry form by clicking on the entry form link in the sidebar.  If you are under 18 we will need a permission slip from your parents.  Go ahead and complete this form either way and we will contact you to determine the logistics.

Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky Partnership

Fame By Hardin Local is excited to partner with the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky.  If you are interested in songwriting or a performer who would like to learn how to write your own music songwriting you should mix and mingle with others of like minds. Check out their website and Facebook page today.  You can also find their events on the Hardin Local community calendar.  Fame By Hardin Local will require that you join the Heartland Songwriters Association of Kentucky.

Fame Live 2017 Is History – Congratulations To Forrest Snoddy The 2017 Fame By Hardin Local Winning Artist.

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