CITY PURCHASES DOWNTOWN PROPERTY – Press Release From City Of Elizabethtown

Cobblers Cafe Building Sold to City Of Elizabethtown

(February 5, 2019) Elizabethtown, Kentucky – The City of Elizabethtown has purchased property in downtown at 125 East Dixie Avenue. This location is adjacent to one of the City-owned public parking lots and could be used temporarily to provide additional parking spaces. It is also adjacent to the Jones family property and could be used in the redevelopment of that area in the future. At this time there are no current plans for the property.

“The City has purchased several properties in the downtown area as a means to assist in the revitalization of the area,” said Mayor Jeff Gregory. “The City of Elizabethtown is committed to the economic future of our community. The opportunity to support our downtown revitalization and preserve our city’s historical core is part of our strategy to assure that we are an economically strong and vibrant city. We will also continue to support job creation efforts in our industrial area and look at other commercial areas in our community to lend assistance to assure their commercial viability.”

In the past, the City has purchased properties and then made them available for private developments that now house the Wicked Eye Woman restaurant and the Newberry building that is currently under construction. Downtown planning studies prepared by consultants for the City recommended that the City gain control of various properties as a catalyst for redevelopment efforts.

The Mayor and City Council will continue to refine the City’s economic strategy in the upcoming months through input from the public, discussions with local businesses and the development of a new comprehensive plan.

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