Elizabethtown, KY, August 9, 2017Crossway Pregnancy Resource Center, located in Radcliff, KY, will now be a part of Clarity Solutions, operating under the Clarity Solutions’ name and non-profit status, sharing the same mission to reach lives both now and for eternity in Central Kentucky.

Quotes About The Transition of Crossway PRC to Clarity Solutions

  • Shannan Goodrich, out-going Executive Director of Crossway, shared,As I leave Crossway this summer to stay home with my children and Clarity Solutions and Crossway PRC come together as one entity, I feel strongly encouraged by the continued growth we will experience. Because of this unity, we believe many more souls can be reached and at a much greater magnitude.”
  • Laura Dickinson, Executive Director, Clarity Solutions, explains, “There are many, many benefits to this “grafting in” of the Crossway branch into Clarity’s existing structure. Coming together will multiply our efforts in the programming, development, and marketing arenas, instead of duplicating them. Having a wider geographical reach for potential clients – not only in Hardin County, but in all the surrounding counties where each center’s reach simply could not go individually – will in turn mean we can reach more clients at risk for abortion than we could individually. Retaining the Radcliff campus location offers convenience for clients in northern Hardin County and the surrounding counties. Combining our centers also means we can combine and learn from the hallmark strengths of both: Crossway can gain from Clarity Solutions’ solid Medical and Client Services staffing and programming and our extensive donor and community support. Clarity can learn from Crossway PRC’s vibrant post-abortion healing group and retreat, and potentially continue their dream of a short-term emergency maternity housing option in Radcliff. Joining together will lead to greater efficiency overall, reducing both client duplication and the confusion that may exist among our donors and supporting churches.”
  • Amy Moore, Board Member“This exciting adoption of Crossway benefits clients by having location options, it stretches donor dollars by avoiding duplication of advertising and services, and it broadens the depth of the ministry by capitalizing on strengths that both centers bring to the table. We are thankful that God has blessed us with a smooth transition as we seek to reach those throughout Hardin County and beyond in need of truthful medical advice and Christ’s love.”
  • Rob Sumrall, Pastor, Crossroads Baptist Church, Elizabethtown – “As a local pastor, I am very excited to see what lies ahead as Crossway Pregnancy Center is folded under the umbrella of Clarity Solutions. For years, these two wonderful organizations have faithfully walked with women facing unwanted pregnancies. As one entity, I believe their voice will be amplified by a cohesive mission. Uniting the donor bases is a matter of good stewardship, allowing us to accomplish more to help women. With one focused vision to stand for the unborn and love women (and now men through the new programs at Clarity), Clarity stands ready to impact all of Central Kentucky. I am excited to see how both support bases will come together to champion this new chapter!” Rob Sumrall, August 3, 2017
  • Donna Argabright, Site Director – I have felt like God has truly joined us together for something big. All of our prayers have been that if this were His will it would work out, and if not, that He would block it and everything has been such a smooth and seamless transition.I can’t wait to see what He does next through our centers! Early on, I found this quote by Charles Swindoll that describes how this process has been: When God’s in it . . . it flows. When the flesh is in it . . . it’s forced. If He is in it, it’s remarkable how approval will be granted, how a growing interest will percolate, and how the timing will fall right into place. It will come together almost in spite of you.”

About Clarity Solutions


  • By offering a combination of specialized services and education, the nonprofit organization of Clarity Solutions is uniquely equipped to meet the complex needs of women and men who face an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, as well as offering adjunct services that are often needed: material resources, education and mentoring. Clarity Solutions is also poised to be a resource to the community – teaching youth sexual integrity to prevent crisis pregnancies and promote overall sexual and emotional health. ​
  • In both the Medical and Client services, all clients who seek services are treated fairly and compassionately by Clarity staff regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious preference. Because Clarity is a faith-based organization, with love being a key message of Christ, clients are served lovingly, without judgement. Clients’ exit surveys reflect that they, indeed, feel loved and helped without being judged or pushed into making a decision, whether about their pregnancy or their faith. A Clarity Solutions’ client reported on her exit survey, “The care and services provided far exceed my expectations with each visit. Everyone seems very caring and gives great individualized care.”
    • Clarity supports women and men in a time that is often full of stressful circumstances, providing truthful medical information, counseling, on-going mentoring, and needed material resources, such as maternity and baby clothes, baby equipment, and supplemental food.
    • Education, often more beneficial than the material resources listed above, is provided through a wide range of classes that are offered for male and female clients. Caring, qualified instructors teach clients how to parent their child well in all aspects of life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. A vibrant mentor program is available for both women and men clients, with regular meetings to help each person determine what changes they need to make to reach the goals created with their mentor.
    • An exciting new Life Skills track of classes was developed in 2016 to provide teaching and training in basic life skills such as budgeting, cooking, decision-making and more. This popular series is designed to help clients meet the life skills goals they set with their mentor.
    • Also in 2016, a Men’s Program Director, Jack Daniel Taylor, was hired to create a program to meet the specific needs of the men who need Clarity Solutions’ services.
    • Another important component of Clarity Solutions was launched in 2016. Clarity Solutions’ ​Sexual Integrity Initiative was officially “opened for business” at the August “Engaging the Culture Conference” when Laura Dickinson, Clarity’s Executive Director, spoke in the Teen Track. Both Laura Dickinson and Jack Taylor are prepared to speak to area youth about sexual integrity, desiring to encourage youth to prevent crisis pregnancies and promote overall sexual and emotional health. ​Clarity Solutions can suggest resources and is prepared to be a resource to churches, parents and youth, as well as other groups in the community.


  • Clarity Solutions’ Elizabethtown campus is conveniently yet discreetly located on E. Memorial Drive across 31W from Hardin Memorial Hospital.
  • Mission Statement: Clarity, motivated by Christ’s love, inspires individuals to recognize their inherent value, empowering them to make healthy and life–affirming choices regarding pregnancy and sexual health.
  • History of Clarity Solutions: Clarity’s start began with citizens from across the community coming together to meet the complex needs of women facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. In March 2001, under the name Heartland Crisis Pregnancy Center, Clarity opened its doors and gained affiliation with nationally recognized pregnancy resource center organizations. In 2003, a larger facility was needed to meet the demand of client numbers, thus the property at 116 E. Memorial Drive was established. A couple of years later, to better serve the continued increasing number of clients, this building was remodeled, then an addition was built, doubling the size of the original building. In 2009, HCPC began offering medical services, providing pregnancy testing and ultrasound services free of charge to clients. Also in 2009, HCPC changed its name to Clarity Solutions for Women to better reflect its desire to help women find clarity in what can often be a very challenging situation. In 2016, the Board voted to hire a full time Men’s Program Director to offer equally strong services for men, thus the name was once again amended to more accurately reflect the organization’s focus and scope. Now called Clarity Solutions, this ministry has served thousands of women and men in its 16 years of operation and is excited to expand its services to northern Hardin County and the surrounding counties, being a vibrant voice for life and strong families, helping moms and dads and their babies thrive during and after an undesired pregnancy. This mission is growing in more ways than one; Clarity Solutions’ has served 35% more clients on average per month in 2017 than in 2016.
  • History of Crossway: Crossway Pregnancy Resource Center officially opened its doors in January 2014. At this time, a Board of Directors was elected that consisted of ten people from the community. Crossway is located in Radcliff, KY, adjacent to Fort Knox, thus serving many young, military families. Nine public high schools are located in this vicinity. This busy mission serves over 850 clients each year, offering a variety of services, all for no charge. Caring and compassionate staff and volunteers are available, willing to listen and provide practical help such as diapers, baby and maternity clothes and other necessary items. Life skills and parenting classes are being developed to help clients and their babies thrive during and after an undesired pregnancy. Post abortive healing is offered in an ongoing Bible study. Crossway PRC provides vital resources for families facing the difficulties often accompanying an unwanted pregnancy.
  • For further information about Clarity Solutions, please visit supportclarity.org. Donations to support Clarity’s mission to save and change lives can be securely given on this site.
  • A Walk for Life will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017, to raise awareness and support for this life-saving, life-changing and family-building mission. Details about how to participate can also be found at supportclarity.org or call Tiffany at 270-234-1122.


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