KA Drama Sanctuary Presents, “Gleaning”

KA Drama Sanctuary LLC is the production company that brought you the hit stage play “The Gift”. “The Gift”, won for best comedy and best gospel stage play of 2017. Cast members also won for best actor and best actress.

Keith Anderson’s Drama Sanctuary now brings to you “Gleaning”. This will surely be one of the most beloved, important, relatable and most talked about stage plays in recent years.

Synopsis: The Matriarch of a military family struggles to hold the family together in the face of devastating tragedies.

Gleaning is a modern-day adaption of the biblical story of Ruth. If Job is considered one of the most popular stories of the Bible, The Book of Ruth surely runs neck and neck. As in the biblical story of Ruth, Gleaning deals with interracial marriages, personal relationships, and the practice and testing of faith. Most importantly it demonstrates how souls are not solely won because of what you say but how you live your life. It’s about changing the world one community at a time.

Casting Call June 15th & 16th

What to expect – Auditions For The Gleaning

KA Drama Sanctuary productions provide opportunities for professionals to build their resumes and local amateurs (adults and students) who regard performing as “more than a hobby” to work alongside each other in a semi-professional environment.

  • Review the Audition Selections before arrival and perform them with clear, bold acting choices and powerful vocals. Audition Selections need not be memorized but it is best to be as familiar with themes possible.
  • Although used as a guide, the Director reserves the right to deviate from the Character Breakdown when casting.
  • Choose no more than two roles for which to audition for but know that you will be considered for all applicable roles and may be asked to audition for additional roles unless you have indicated on your form that you will only accept specific roles.
  • No monologues required.

View www.kadramasanctuary.com at least one week prior to Auditions.  To save time, Auditionees are strongly encouraged to print, fill out in advance and bring audition paperwork with them to Auditions.

  • If unable to attend Auditions in person, you may audition via Video Submission using your choice of the Audition Selections provided online. Post your Video Submission on YouTube.com and email the link along with your Audition Form and any supporting documents as PDF attachments to [email protected] no later than 6/10/19. Video Submissions will only be accepted via email (DVDs, thumb drives, etc. will not be accepted). If singing, you are strongly encouraged to use musical accompaniment.
  • Any pre-cast roles will be announced prior to auditions. All other roles are open to both professionals and amateurs.
  • If audition turn out is high, the director reserves the right to “type out” auditionees based upon height, weight, age, and/or ability.

Casting Call Event Details – Click To Open The Audition Flyer

  1. Gleaning Auditions – Click to register for this timeslot.

    June 15 @ 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  2. Gleaning Auditions Day 2 – Click to register for this timeslot.

    June 16 @ 4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Gleaning Performance Event Details

Where: HARDIN COUNTY SCHOOLS PERFORMING ARTS CENTER – 384 W.A. JENKINS RD, ELIZABETHTOWN, KY 42701 – https://thepac.net/ – 270.769.8837


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