National Lazy Day Aug 10th, 2016 – 5 Tips to a Lesser You

To make the most of “Lazy Day” at work, check out these tips.

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1. Work First

Even though it is Lazy Day you still need to get your mandatory work done. Try setting a time for your project and finish in advance with plenty of time to be lazy.


2. Decoy

Think you need a little longer break in the day? Try taking a screenshot when you computer is updating to give the appearance of a long waiting time. Or plan when you want to update your computer to be guilt-free sneaky.

3. Stay at Work

Master daydreaming while at the office. Try putting papers on your desk, and opening text files on your computer to look insanely busy any time someone walks by.


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4. Tell a Joke

Mask the fact that you’re not working and annoy your colleagues by telling a joke to waste the day away.

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5. Just Quit

Fed up with your current job? What better day to quit then on Lazy Day?  Take some advice from us and opt-out. Just make sure to share this post with your co workers, so their day can be as good as yours.

And now, some lazy day memes, just because.










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