Arrest made for 1st degree assault on juvenile in Elizabethtown

From Officer John Thomas, Public Information Officer, Elizabethtown Police Department

Monique Mcnair

(Source: Hardin County Detention Center)

Yesterday, at approximately 10:30am, the police department received a call from Hardin Memorial hospital that a 17 year old male had been transported to the emergency department by ambulance with a black eye and evidence of blunt force trauma to his left cheek. It was later confirmed that the juvenile had suffered a skull fracture. Officers responded to HMH, and the juvenile victim advised that his mother had struck him in the face at their Michelle Avenue apartment with a hammer following an argument. The juvenile stated that after his mother struck him in the face, she told him to leave the house, and he did so. Shortly before 10:30, the mother, identified as Monique McNair, called the police to report her son missing, nearly 3 hours after the initial assault. Police found a hammer and shattered glass in the living room of McNair’s apartment. McNair’s juvenile daughter had also witnessed the assault, and notified school officials. A school official picked up McNair to go look for her son, but McNair told the official that she didn’t want to look for him. It wasn’t until the school official learned that he had been hospitalized and conveyed this to McNair that she finally called the police to report him missing. McNair was arrested and charged with first degree assault.

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