Angered by Louisville not being ranked? the voters got it right

Article by: George Herbig

According to many fans, this is the second week in a row where the University of Louisville Cardinals has been “snubbed”.  Allow me to explain to you below, why you should relax and I’ll give you some insight on why the voters aren’t giving much respect to the crippled program at Louisville.

Ranked second in the best basketball league in America, Louisville fans all across the region are outraged by the Cardinals being “snubbed” from the “Associated Press Top 25 National Ranking”.  First, let’s give some context to the second ranking in the ACC. Their victories came against Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Florida State, and Notre Dame.  While their lone loss was delivered courtesy of the Clemson Tigers.  Those five victories are all against the middle of the pack or bottom feeders of the league. Their loss came to the only ranked team on that list.

Back to the old cliché, “In order to be considered the best, you have to beat the best”.  Has the University of Louisville really done that?  Let’s look at their non-conference schedule and see if they have any real victories there.  Chances to “put up or shut up”, ” against the likes of Purdue, Seton Hall, and Kentucky didn’t go their way, so the answer to the solid win question is, no.  Unless of course, you think Indiana is the best, then the Cardinals basketball team, really hasn’t beat anyone.

David Padgett has done a phenomenal job.  Secondly, the team looks to be heading in the right direction, even after the scare with Boston College.  Padgett and the University will have multiple chances to earn wins against high-powered opponents.  Concluding, the voters did get it right and you should relax because the University can EARN the spotlight.  For now, with your best win coming over an Indiana team in a rebuild, don’t expect to be center stage.

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