Last week a 5-month-old was bitten at local daycare by an employee.  We are working on our own article for this story but in the meantime, we thought we would share several article links that have already been published.  The News Enterprise article has the most information.  The links can be found at the bottom of this post.

Crystal Beck - KinderPlay Employee Arrested After Biting 5 Month Old - HardinLocal
(Source: Hardin County Detention Center)

Elizabethtown Police released the following information:

“On May 9th, shortly after 4 PM, EPD responded to Kinderplay Child Care at 208 Corporate Drive in reference to a report of a 5-month-old with a bite mark on its left arm. The child had been in the care of Crystal Beck, age 31, of Hardinsburg, who was employed at Kinderplay at the time. During an interview with investigators, after initially denying knowing anything about the bite injury, Beck eventually acknowledged that she bit the child out of frustration after the child scratched her face during a feeding. The bite left a clearly outline and reddened bite mark, but did not break the skin. Beck acknowledged that she knew she was supposed to report any work-related abuse or injuries to her supervisor, but did not do so. Beck was charged with criminal abuse 3rd degree and failure to report child dependency, neglect or abuse 1st offense. Beck was immediately terminated by Kinderplay.”

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