2 Hardin County residents die after tough bouts with the flu

By Chris Sutter, WDRB

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) — Crystal Townsend’s visit to Vibe Coffee in Elizabethtown on Thursday was the first time she has left the house in about a week.

“Today is my first day out of quarantine,” she said.

Her cup of joe is just what the doctor ordered after a bout with the flu.

“It actually started just like a cold, and I didn’t think it was anything,” Townsend said. “The only difference was I started running a temperature, and I had a really bad sore throat.”

The very virus that knocked her down is also the talk of Hardin County. The Health Department reports two people have now died from the flu there. Both victims were over the age of 65.

It’s no secret the flu is worse there and in several other places than in years past. Some blame that on the strain of the virus the vaccine treats.

So here’s how that works: scientists monitor the virus’ activity in the Southern Hemisphere, during it’s winter, and make an educated guess about which version of the flu will knock on our doors.

“It is a prediction, it is a guess, and this year, they got it wrong,” said Donny Gill, Spokesman for the Lincoln Trail District Health Department. “The flu we’re seeing this year is a “type A flu,” which is harder for the vaccine to cover or prevent.”

That doesn’t mean the shot you got, or are thinking about getting, is worthless.

“You won’t get as sick, and you won’t be sick as long with the help of the flu shot,” Gill said.

In fact, it’s doctor-recommended because the season shows no signs of slowing.

“At this point, we’re still trending upwards,” Gill said.

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