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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WDRB) — A big sign outside the Hardin County Jail clearly tells people what’s allowed in and what’s not. But somehow, drugs made it past the locked doors, security and staff Monday morning.

“One of the inmates got to banging on the door and said, ‘We’ve got a person down in here,'” Jailer Danny Allen said.

When the medical staff got to the inmate in cell 337, he was unresponsive. Another inmate from a neighboring cell was on the verge of being in the same boat.

“It was decided when EMS got here, from our staff, that it was some kind of drug-related issue,” Allen said. “We really don’t know what the drug is yet.”

Paramedics gave both men Narcan. Once the ambulance got both inmates, who aren’t being named, to Hardin Memorial Hospital, they were fine. The overdose reversal drug saved their lives.

“Both inmates are extremely lucky that they’re still alive,” said Hardin County Jail Operations Director Robert Reynolds.

Now, come the questions, like how could this happen in a place as secure as a jail?

“That’s a good question,” Allen said. “Does it come in through the mail? Does it come in on another inmate? Could we have missed something?”

Allen is looking into everything. An investigation has been launched, and he said clues could be in footage from surveillance cameras.

“Anyone who comes in and out of this facility, we’re going to be looking at everybody,” he said. “When we determine what the drug was and who brought it in, I can assure you, we will press charges.”

As for the two inmates, they’re back where they started, only in isolation this time.

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